Epic Animal Treats is excited to announce the new Hemp-BioPhytoceuticals treats. Our hemp is sourced from an Organic farm where qualty and consistentcey matter.All products are thrid party tested to make certain it meets our standards.30 mg treats. Can be easily broken into halves or fourths for smaller dosage.Whole treat 30 mg, 8 dosesHalf treat 15 mg, 16 dosesQuarter treat 7.5 mg, 32 dosesOur goal is to bring you a consistent healthy product to supplement your animals balanced diet that you can feel good about giving them.All ingredients are sourced in the U.S. and made by the same team each time.Treats per size Small 8, Medium 16, Large 32
Each ingredient was chosen for their health benefits. The way the ingredients are prepared makes them BioAvailable and BioActive meaning they fully absorb the nutrition from the ingredients. They are also cooked at low temp to not compromise the nutrition.The treats have been fully tested by Eurofins and have a 90 day shelf life. Every batch is made fresh to order. 

They are made of healthy plant protein and plant fats. We have 37% healthy fat and only 5% saturated fat. That has amazing benefits for the brain, heart and energy level. Also acceptable for Insulin Resistant animals.There is NO Corn, Soy, Sugar, Gluten, Grain, No Dyes or Preservatives. 
small: 8 treats 
medium: 16 treats 
large: 32 treats

*this product can not be shipped for livestock in the state of California

Epic 30 mg. Hemp Infused Animal Treats