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EPIc journey 

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Epic Health Co. began in April 2018. It is a mother daughter business designed to create the finest handmade Hemp Bio-Phytoceuticals for people and pets. All Hemp Bio-Phytoceuticals are not created equal we have found through our journey with our beloved dog and horse both who have cancer. Our journey since inception was to provide them both with as much comfort as we could while they experienced pain from the cancer. This has allowed our dog to live four years into his diagnosis of bone cancer. He is still here and loves to go to the farm everyday to say hi to the horses.

I have had my own diagnosis of PTSD and have experienced my own great anxiety to which our formulas provide myself great relief. Enough so to attend four farmers markets a week were we sell our hand crafted products to the local residents of the Coachella Valley and tourist from around the world.

We use only the most premium ingredients from around the globe. Like french roses to make our rosewater base for the Face and Body Tonic. Cold-pressed organic Camelina oil and Raw Coco butter for the Magnesium balm. Everything is hand-crafted by the same mother and daughter made fresh each week in small precise and potent batches.

Our animal treats are about the healthiest treat you can find made also with all organic ingredients and safe for all animals to enjoy. One of three options we have for animal Hemp Bio; Epic Animals treats comes in 10,30, and 100 mg Nano Hemp or you can use the oral spray or body balm on any animal as well. 

Made with love from our family to yours.

-Christiana and Dylon Green

#LOVEEPIC #EpicHealthCo

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