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As dog owners, we want to provide our little companions with the highest quality ingredients. This is why we decided to purchase Epic Animal Treats. Not only are they vegan with natural ingredients, but our dog LOVED them. Every time I brought the bag out, he would jump with joy knowing that he was about to get a delicious treat. We want to thank the team at Epic Animal Treats for all they do!!! We appreciate it.”

Mallory Morales

"He literally waits every morning while I make my coffee, just staring at the container of Epic treats. He just loves them so much and I love how healthy they are for him. Makes his coat really shiny.”

River's Mom

"OMG! Our dogs loved the treats! They are safe for our dog with allergies, nutritious, and made from quality ingredients! As soon as I opened the bag they could smell the treats, they were jumping up on me trying to get the bag out of my hands! They devoured the treats and wanted more. Thank you for an amazing product!"


“Ziggy just loves EPIC ANIMAL TREATS!  We like that they are healthy (so does Ziggy), natural, made here in sunny California, and provide a lot more benefits than the average animal treat.… Oh… and the many FLAVORS! I see great things on the horizon for EPIC ANIMAL TREATS!  ”

Fredrick Howard
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