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Not All Hemp CBD Is Created Equal

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

I don't know about you, but when I discover a problem I usually try to figure out a way to fix it. That is what happened a few years ago when my dog was diagnosed with bone cancer and the prognosis and cost of treatment was overwhelming. My first thought was to try to prevent him from having pain and to do so naturally so that his organs could continue to be strong. I immediately got him on CBD tinctures and dog chews. After a while, I started noticing that the products I was using had stopped working to relieve my pain and my dogs' pain so I changed brands. I did so several times until I decided to make my own out of pure frustration at what was available. After all, I am a smart woman, and have a background in nutrition. I knew I could translate that into this new adventure.

Boy has it been an adventure! CBD manufactures are a dime dozen these days and nearly everyone says their product is the best, and I think I tried most of them before landing with a company on the East Coast that manufactures the most effective Hemp CBD Bio-Phytoceuticals I have ever seen or felt. After trying what felt like a million different producers I had finally found the best. Why is it the best? Because it is, first and foremost, Organically grown Agricultural Hemp that is processed into Nano-Amplified Water Soluble Hemp Bio-Phytoceuticals with bio-enhancers. What does that mean Christiana? It means that the molecule is 2000 times smaller than the average fat soluble CBD molecule. Why does that matter? We are made of water and we absorb and utilize water soluble molecules in a much more bio-available way, and because the of the nano molecules it absorbs through the skin in topical applications or orally into the bloodstream in 2 minutes and through the blood barrier of the brain in 8 minutes. With the increase in rapid bio-availability it essentially reduces the amount of medicinal Hemp that you would need because of the nanoparticles and the absorption into the brain which is where your CB 1 receptors are.

People often ask me why I wanted to join an already crowded marketplace. You can now find CBD at your local grocery store or pharmacy. It's everywhere, literally. I knew what I was getting into for sure. I also know that because of my background and education I could make something different that would make people take notice.

And I definitely took notice of how well my dog was doing on this new nano Hemp. We are about to hit a milestone that we were told wouldn't be likely. We were given approximately 2 years with no treatment from April 2016, and in just a few days it will be four years!

I strive to be different, but in a good way. Where most people base their decisions on the bottom line, I wanted to create something I would love to use myself and be really proud to sell. That's what my daughter, Dylon and I have done. It feels so good to make you feel good!

We are excited to hear your results after trying our products. The Face and Body Tonic and the Body Balm are absolutely amazing and you will love them. The Face Spray has taken ten years off my face, neck, and hands. The Body Balm I use every morning and right before bed for the best sleep I have ever had. You won’t be disappointed.



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