This amazing tonic will blow you away! Made from hand crafted rose water, using only French roses, it tightens and improves the texture of your skin while giving a positive boost to your mood. We use only the best Nano-amplified, time-released, micro-ecapsulated Hemp Bio-Phytoceuticals, sourced from organic hemp farm with each batch being tested for excellence and purity. There is zero THC in our products so the whole family can enjoy this product. (Including Pets) Hemp Bio-Phytoceutical research shows that the anit-inflammatory compound in the plant can help tackle some serious and painful skin issues. People with conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne have seen benefits from hemp over time. For those people who have been in the sun and suffer from age spots and wrinkles this product can help reduce fine lines and diminish spots. Works very fast as most have seen improvement in just a few days but dramatic changes occur at 2 weeks and 30 days. Use under moisturizer or over makeup, at least twice a day. Spray on face and let dry. For body pain you can spray where needed and allow to dry. Works great on hands and neck. 1 oz bottle lasts approximately 30 days.

Miracle Face & Body Tonic